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International Game Architecture and Design

Indie Game Development

Indie Game Development is a variation that teaches concept development, game design, online and mobile application development, 2D and 3D art and small business management. Indie Game Development is so popular with potential employers our students are inundated with commercial projects in their second year of study.

Watch work of Indie Game Development students in the Show reel video 2010.

Year 1

Students learn project management and game production methodologies as well as audiovisualisation techniques. Concept Design introduces entertainment theories, prototyping methodologies, and pitch documentation for the conceptualisation phase of development. Visual Design covers the fundamentals of 2D art and design for environments, including animation. Technology introduces students to programming languages and game data structures. Students are introduced to basic game theory (ludology), game design, balancing and quality assurance.

Year 2

Business Management covers the legal, marketing, management, business and financing aspects of game production. In Computer Graphics students concentrate on 3D graphics and modeling. Mobile Technology introduces students to the development and deployment of mobile Apps. Server Technology covers client-server architecture and the core technologies of web and mobile applications. The Design track mainly deals with level design.

Year 3

This year continues the multi-disciplinary nature of the IGD programme. The Design stream covers casual and serious game design, procedural effects creation, massive multiplayer on-line design and experimental games. Students learn how to setup and run a business in the Entrpeneurship course. Research writing prepares them for the specialization phase in the second half of the year, during which they choose an area of specialisation related to their current academic and/or industry interest, and produce a body of work and/or dissertation.

Year 4

During the first half of this year, students go on an industry internship. The second half of the year is spent on creating a body of work and graduation thesis.

Curriculum overview

See the curriculum overview (PDF) for more detailed information on the full programme.

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