Course Characteristics

The International Leisure Management programme is delivered thematically. This means that subjects such as economics, psychology, management, communication and market research are dealt with in content-related projects, rather than in separate topics. Examples of modules are: Project management, Leisure direction, Imagineering and Marketing and Communication.

The International Leisure Management programme is also offered in Dutch. The Dutch name is Leisure Management. NHTV also offers a three year academic programme in Leisure, Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies.

International classroom

The ‘international classroom’ involves a mix of Dutch and foreign students in one classroom.  The ratio of Dutch students to international students in an international classroom should be approximately 65 to 35%. Over the past four years, the increase in the number of Dutch students in the propaedeutic phase (first year of study) outpaced the growth of the number of foreign students, as a result of which this ratio has not been consistently observed. That is why the study programme management reserves the right to decide – if necessary - to place a Dutch student in a class group with a relatively high number of foreign students for one semester, and in a class group consisting of only Dutch students for the other semester. In this way, the concept of the ‘international classroom’ can be better upheld.

Fast track

The regular track of this programme takes four years, but Dutch students with a vwo diploma can be fast tracked. This may also be available to international students, depending on their previous education.

Behind the scenes

When you visit a venue, you are not always aware of the work that has gone on behind the scenes. Twice a year, you will get the chance to take a look backstage during the backstage field trips. You will be asked to find a solution to a problem that the organisation you are visiting faces.