A dynamic organisation

The NHTV organisation is committed to strengthening links with the industry as well as entrepreneurial and business-oriented activities. Always looking for windows of opportunity, watching and listening to the industry, detecting innovative cross-disciplinary connections and partnerships, having an international focus, making socially responsible and sustainable choices, and acting in NHTV’s interest. We expect our employees to extend their outlook beyond the boundaries of their own study programmes, departments or academies and collaborate with one another.

NHTV’s strength lies in its unique culture that provides scope for professional development and is experienced as ambitious and inspiring. We also want to use this strength to increase our output-driven focus, foster sustainable employability, and optimise organisational processes. In this process, employees are given responsibility for their own professional development, and as such, they are encouraged to make contributions to NHTV’s ambitious aims.

In order to facilitate the fulfilment of all these ambitions, NHTV has adopted a horizontal organisational structure.

Organisational chart