NHTV annual report 2017


The end of 2017 signified the conclusion of the strategic plan 2013-2017 ‘Knowledge@work’. Steps were taken in the direction of an enterprising and business-oriented university of applied sciences with an international reputation for quality education and research. A substantial portion of the strategic plan was implemented. During the year under review, it was decided after careful consideration to change the name of NHTV to Breda University of Applied Sciences with effect from the academic year of 2018-2019. This new name is more consistent with the international top position we are pursuing.

The purchase of the convent has made the campus development possible. Numerous projects were started in 2017 to prepare our organisation for this. The renovated convent building will be brought into use upon the start of the academic year of 2018-2019, and all organisational units will be situated at the campus as from 2019-2020.

NHTV’s 50th anniversary was celebrated in the academic year of 2016-2017, together with our key stakeholders, staff, students and alumni.

In the autumn of 2017 the strategic plan for 2018-2021, entitled ‘Creating Professional Value’, was established by the Executive Board, approved by the Supervisory Board and consented to by the participation council. This plan is the first phase in achieving, by the year 2030, the position of internationally renowned top institute with a strong focus on business and society. In the period of 2018-2021 we are aiming to increase the quality of education and improve academic success rates by admitting motivated students through selection, reducing drop-out rates, and improving student progression. Apart from strengthening our ties with the corporate community, the aim of our research profile is to generate visible and demonstrable exposure for us as a knowledge institute, both nationally and internationally. The objective for the campus is to become a dynamic international work and study environment where students, lecturers and industry professionals work together.

At the end of the year under review, the Supervisory Board decided to appoint Dr Elisabeth Minnemann with effect from 1 April 2018 to the position of president of the Executive Board, because of Mr Hein van Oorschot’s (the then president of the Executive Board) upcoming retirement.


In connection with the implementation of the educational vision ‘Education@Work’, various pilot projects were executed in the year under review for the purpose of personalised education. Additionally, the NHTV-wide minor programmes were redesigned in accordance with the educational vision and activities were undertaken to further develop our lecturers’ e-education skills.

We are gradually working towards a system of selection ‘at the gate’ for more of our degree programmes. For the academic year of 2017-2018, an enrolment restriction was introduced for the professional bachelor’s programme Creative Media and Game Technologies (maximum of 200 students and 100% decentral-level selection). Moreover, enrolment restrictions (by means of selection ‘at the gate’) applied to the professional bachelor’s programmes of Media and Entertainment Management (maximum of 200 students; small-scale, intensive education) and Hotel Management (maximum of 160 students). For the academic year of 2018-2019, the professional bachelor’s programme Leisure & Events Management also has an enrolment restriction (maximum of 400 students and 100% decentral-level selection).

Internationalisation in education is progressing according to plan. In the academic year of 2017-2018, 62% of the student population were attending English-taught education. Representing an impressive 70 nationalities, the percentage of international students has risen to 15.2. The percentage of international staff members is 15.4. The focus in our internationalisation policy, revolving around China and Brazil, reflects an increase in cooperation and in the number of activities in the areas of education, exchanges and placements.

In the Elsevier ranking of Best Study Programmes of 2017, NHTV was rated as best university of applied sciences in the category of specialist universities of applied sciences. In the Keuzegids HBO Voltijd 2018, NHTV obtained fourth place in the category of medium-sized universities of applied sciences.

Knowledge development and valorisation

The core of the activities consisted of the continued development of the three research themes - ‘designing and managing experiences’, ‘making places and shaping destinations’ and ‘people and goods on the move’ – which together make up NHTV’s research profile. The effects of our choice to apply greater focus in our research are slowly being felt in terms of research assignments and results. Although revenues generated by activities relating to secondary and tertiary sources of funding have increased again and have now reached a level of 6.4%, they are still below the target level.

Both Centres of Expertise fulfil an important role. Within CELTH, the Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism, Hospitality, emphasis was placed on completing several projects and generating exposure for the most topical themes. Furthermore, ambitions were raised, the governance structure was adjusted, and the vacancy of director was filled. Via the Knowledge Distribution Centre Zeeland-Brabant, the Centre of Expertise in Logistics continued its research and training activities, to the full satisfaction of all stakeholders. This Centre of Expertise cooperates closely with Top Sector Logistics.

The number of international research projects - mostly financed via the EU - increased and so did the number of research and consultancy projects commissioned by international companies. It can also be concluded that NHTV is well represented in relevant provincial, regional and local collaborative arrangements and participates in discussions on strengthening and improving cooperation between government, business and education. An example of this is Logistics Community Brabant. At the request of and with the financial support of the provincial authority of Noord-Brabant and the city of Breda, a collaborative arrangement was founded between NHTV, Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University and the Netherlands Defence Academy, aimed at promoting and advancing innovation in the logistics sector in the province of Noord-Brabant as from 2018.


NHTV has a dynamic and inspiring work and study environment, committed to stimulating and facilitating personal development. Professionalisation, sustainable employability and organisational development featured prominently on the HRM agenda in the year under review. A programme was started that was aimed at the optimisation of internal services in terms of both quality and quantity. The employee satisfaction survey that was carried out revealed a satisfaction score of 7.4, which is higher than the 7.1 average in the higher education sector as a whole.

The budget 2017 had a negative result due to the projected investments, as agreed with the ministry of education, in educational quality, education-related research and infrastructure, but also due to the negative trends in the academies’ own budget results, mostly caused by higher levels of staffing than estimated and disappointing revenues from subsidies and income from work for third parties. Several interventions throughout the year have led to a stabilisation of these negative financial results.

NHTV Key Figures 2017

Number of bachelor’s students7,398
Number of master’s students224
Percentage of international students15.2%
Number of professional bachelor’s programmes10
Number of academic bachelor’s programmes2
Number of professional master’s programmes4
Number of academic master’s programmes1
Number of associate degree programmes1
Drop-out rate26.8%
Success rate72%
Number of employees / FTEs782 / 628.12
Percentage of teaching staff67.3%
Percentage of support & management staff32.7%
Percentage of international staff15.4 %
Student / lecturer ratio24.6
Teaching staff with master’s degree or higher81.6 %
Number of publications351
Rate of return-0.8 %

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