Regulations and Complaints Service Point

In addition to accounting for its performance towards external stakeholders, NHTV wants to ensure the safety of students and staff, provide clarity on relevant procedures, and offer opportunities to object against decisions. That is why several rules and regulations have been established.

The rights of prospective students (applicants) have also been laid down in various rules and regulations. Just think of the Application and Enrolment Regulations and the Regulations regarding the Dispute Resolution Committee. Once they are students of NHTV, the most important regulations in addition to the aforementioned ones are the Students’ Charter, Regulations regarding Undesired Behaviour, the Code of Order of the Examination Appeals Board, and the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER). 

All regulations and charters/statutes can be found on NHTV’s intranet.

Complaints Service Point

The Complaints Service Point was in instituted by NHTV Breda to support current and future students in submitting complaints, objections or appeals. 

The Service Point can help you find the right path if you don’t agree with:  

  • the way you have been treated by an NHTV student or staff member  
  • a decision that has been made regarding you  

The Complaints Service Point can be found on NHTV's intranet.