Igor Mayer appointed as professor of Applied Games, Innovation & Society

NHTV will appoint Dr. Igor Mayer as professor of Applied Games, Innovation & Society as per 1 January. This new professorship is affiliated to the Academy for Digital Entertainment, one of whose departments is the Game Academy that was recently assessed ‘excellent’.

This professorship wants to research and promote possibilities of digital game and media technology for innovation in trade and industry and social and public sectors. Emphasis will be laid on NHTV-related sectors such as media, tourism, hospitality, leisure, logistics, built environment and sustainability. Furthermore, the professorship intends to strengthen NHTV’s cooperation with trade and industry, knowledge institutions, public and social organisations at home and abroad, particularly Asia.


Dr. Igor Stefan Mayer (1965) was awarded a PhD in policy and management studies (Tilburg University). From 1998 to 31 December 2014 he worked as an associate professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology. He conducted research into serious gaming and game simulations for policy and management of infrastructures in cooperation with a large number of researchers, doctoral students and students. Mayer has developed various games commissioned by companies and public organisations, among others, the Port of Rotterdam Authority (SimPort Maasvlakte 2) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Marine Spatial Planning Challenge 2050).

Applied Gaming

Igor Mayer: “The world of digital entertainment, and games in particular, is fascinating. Not only for the many millions of enthusiastic players worldwide but for a researcher and lecturer who is interested in innovation, organisation and policy as well. Very many fundamental and practical questions can be asked about games and innovation: how can other organisations and sectors innovate by making use of digital entertainment, among other things, games?”

Igor Mayer will combine this professorship with being an entrepreneur, author and visiting professor at the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology, China.