Bart de Graaf - International Tourism Management and Consultancy - 1996

CEO with - Costa Rica

What does that mean precisely?Besides establishing and continuously reinventing the vision of Itereo Travel Planner, representing and adapting (implementation of) the business plan, financial and personnel management, my main duty  is to see to it that there is a balance between demand and experiences from the market, our technological capacities, and opportunities offered by destinations in the field of products. These may vary enormously, and finding the right direction to channel these three strengths and hone all this to arrive at an optimally performing platform with an ideal product meeting the customer’s wishes would be my favourite challenge.    
What keeps you alert in this job?The people in my team; reactions from the market to new releases of ITP; my own enthusiasm; news about technological developments in and around the travel industry; new products released by competitors, etc.
Advice to students:Do not wait until the ideal opportunity arises; have a look deep down inside yourself showing a spirit of openness and find out where your heart is, what makes you happy, how you can help others, what you are good at, and especially what you are not good at. Focus on your strengths and be honest and down to earth about what you are not good at and seek support in that area. Enjoy what you are doing and if possible, serve the interests of your customers/target group. Making money can never be your only objective.
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