Bart Kleijzen - Leisure Management - 2010

Strategic Marketeer with De Efteling

What does that entail?At the moment I am working in the Strategy & Research department as a Strategic Marketeer. Together with my colleagues, I deal with the long-term strategy of De Efteling in the areas of marketeering, branding and sales. In addition, we support the Board of Directors in the areas of policy, product vision and innovations. We do all this from the guest’s perspective. The department comprises the fields of expertise of Research (qualitative and quantitative), Business Intelligence, Digital and Strategic Marketing. In these roles, we try to optimise – on a daily basis - the customer journey and have guests genuinely experience a world of wonders!          
What keeps you alert in this job?The guest! We ‘talk’ and observe with our guests all the time and together with our passion for De Efteling we try to improve things, every day, month and year. We also attend all sorts of inspiration sessions and conferences, because new trends are always fun and interesting and offer food for thought! Our students and interns with their fresh view of the industry also provide a perceptive and ever refreshing look. Together with NHTV (the Imagineering specialisation) we have set up the ‘Efteling Academy’. This involves students setting to work together within the minor in Imagineering on an issue in the field of imagineering and branding, and what’s more, they have the opportunity to take a unique peak behind the scenes of De Efteling.
Advice to students:Make sure you know where your passion lies and what you have to offer to an organisation or brand! When you know how to make a difference, and to bring a healthy dose of energy and drive to your work, you will be able to accomplish quite a lot. Be prepared to start at the bottom of the ladder and demonstrate your skills!
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