Briene Brienissen - Hotel Management - 2009

Manager of Company Development at Bonheur Horeca Groep

What does that entail?I work with Bonheur Horeca Groep in Tilburg and my business card says Manager of Company Development. That’s how it all started actually. The locations of MIDI Theater, Broodje Jantje, the Faculty Club and Grotto have been added to the group. Moreover, a new Hospitality system was written for us, in the process of which I provided input to the authors and I also implemented the system within the group. With growth slowing down, additional projects were initiated. Personnel planning was added to my range of duties. In addition, I analysed our purchasing practices and I supervised the refurbishment of the function room and hotel at Auberge du Bonheur. New projects, such as the planned expansion of Broodje Jantje and optimising hotel occupancy rates for Auberge du Bonheur, lie in wait.        
What keeps you alert in this job?The degree of variety and diversity in this job. I have presented myself as a versatile all-rounder, which is why a lot of tasks are directed my way. Successfully completing these tasks requires knowledge of the company and the market. By listening to everyone, sharing ideas and working together, I hope to make the right decisions all the time.
Advice to students:During my studies, I wasn’t exactly a model student. And you don’t really need to be one. What’s necessary though, is attending classes and being curious. But the most important thing perhaps is gaining practical experience. Secure a job in the hospitality industry, take part in as many practical curriculum activities as you can, and get involved in activities outside school, such as a student association or an organising committee of a study trip. In addition, internships are an ideal opportunity to prove your worth to the industry. Take this opportunity seriously!! I have been working for almost 6 years now with my last internship company, and with great pleasure!
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