Erik Donkers - Traffic Academy Tilburg - 1984

Founder and owner of VIA

What does that entail?I am the founder and owner of VIA, a traffic engineering ICT firm which supplies software to nearly all government bodies in the Netherlands. As the director of this firm, I manage a team of 7 employees and I am responsible for our company policy, our innovation agenda, and our external contacts. In addition to my role as director, I am responsible – as a traffic engineer – for the ‘traffic engineering conscience’ of our products (software and training courses) and the initiatives developed by VIA for the purpose of providing the best possible support to clients in their work, such as Meldpunt Veilig Verkeer and STAR.              
What keeps you alert in this job?Being a commercial business means that your turnover depends on the amount of products and/or services you sell. In this respect, customer satisfaction and the demonstrable usefulness of your products and services are essential. You can only accomplish this if you know the market and your clients (traffic engineers at government agencies) well. Attending conferences, reading newsletters, and maintaining good relations with your network, is of vital importance in this respect.
Advice to students:Traffic engineering, or in other words, mobility, is a wonderful discipline. The importance of mobility to a vital and healthy society is unmistakably great. Our profession is broadened and innovated all the time by new developments and technologies, which also present interesting challenges. If you dare to take initiatives, want to be active in a field of expertise that affects our day-to-day lives, and aren’t afraid of a challenge, then traffic engineering would be your obvious choice to pursue a dynamic and fascinating career.
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