Freek Hoekstra - International Game Architecture and Design - 2012

Procedural Technical Artist with Electronic Arts, Canada 

What does that mean precisely?I create tools used by other artists in the studios of EA, and they range across a wide variety of tasks focused on increasing productivity and visual fidelity while achieving cost reductions across the whole process.        
What keeps you alert in this job?

I have different tasks to attend to, big projects that depend on me to ship multibillion-dollar projects such as, but not limited to FIFA, NHL, Madden etc.

It’s the diversity that drew me in, and it is that same diversity that forces me to stay up to date and keep learning.

Advice to students:

Don’t ever think you are done learning, you never are. Don’t forget about the “soft” skills, Hard skills get you a job, your social skills make you keep it, advance in it, learn faster, and truly have an impact in a global company.

Aside from that, be a generalist, be engaged, have passion, and have something that nobody else has.

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