Jos Vranken - Incoming Tourism Management - 1990 (after that, NIMA-B, Isead management programme, MBA: IBO/BSL)

Managing Director with NBTC Holland Marketing

What does that mean precisely?Overall responsibility for NBTC Holland Marketing: the official organisation responsible for branding & marketing destination 'Holland' to increase visitor numbers and spending. It operates in 13 (inter)national markets as NBTC Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, creating value for destination 'Holland' in general and its public & private partners in particular.

Representing NBTC in its capacity of co-owner/shareholder of NBTC-NIPO Research, a joint venture between TNS NIPO and NBTC Holland Marketing.          

What keeps you alert in this job?The rapidly changing external environment in which destination ‘Holland’ and NBTC itself are operating, the strong and growing competition, the diverse range of public and private partners with whom we cooperate, and the energy, knowledge, skills and inspiration of our national and international NBTC officers.
Advice to students:Stay authentic, try to do things which you are sincerely passionate about, and – something that was very useful to me personally – do not try to plan everything, but give direction to your career by doing or not doing things.

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