Koert Hommel - Outbound Tourism & Tour Operation Management - 1996

Director Marketing with JoHo

What does that entail?

I have been working with JoHo since 1998. By means of stores all over the world (support centers), networks and internet platforms, JoHo encourages and supports people and organisations in the area of sharing knowledge, making choices, and developing talents. We do this for students, expats, emigrants, entrepreneurs, travellers, volunteers and all organisations that have a warm heart for international cooperation.

Within JoHo, I work on strategic policy (including marketing policy) and the continued development of the four JoHo labels: JoHo World Supporter, JoHo World Insurances, JoHo World Summaries and JoHo World Activity. In everyday practice, this translates into activities in the area of, among other things, the JoHo online platforms & websites; developing new choice instruments, training programmes and coaching; giving new impetus to marketing policy, and developing activities with regard to internationalisation, sales & subsidies.                 

What keeps you alert in this job?

Because I have worked with JoHo for a long time now, I know the company through and through. Because JoHo is developing all the time, and addresses new opportunities quickly and pragmatically, there isn’t a day, month or year that is the same – even after all this time. The more than 50,000 (in 2014) Dutch (and more and more international) donors and affiliated organisations do not only keep me sharp, but the entire organisation too.

The fact that we work with employees and client target group who are constantly looking for new experiences and are committed to improving talents, is what makes JoHo a special and dynamic organisation. What makes it extra fun, is that those people are of all ages; from – either national or international - job seekers to emigrants, from students who are going to make study or work placement choices to world travellers, and from do-gooders to project and business start-ups abroad.

JoHo’s distinct growth ambitions, in terms of donor numbers, client reach, internal organisational growth, as well as with regard to international objectives, offers plenty of development opportunities to me personally for the coming years. No one is ever finished learning! 

Your advise to students:

Work takes up a huge portion of your life…. Make sure you enjoy it!

Take your time to look for an organisation whose mission and working procedures matches your own passions and interests. For me, at the time, this was not so much a company that focused on processes and divisions, but primarily on talents and strengths. Once you have found your place, allow yourself some time for development. Dare to make mistakes, admit that you have made them, and learn from them. In this process, do not point at others; only YOU are responsible for the choices you make – not somebody else.

Oh, and one final thing, although most NHTV students will probably be aware of this: try to work on your international experiences and competencies whenever and wherever possible, as early as during your time as a student. My work placement in Guatemala and thesis assignment in Malaysia gave me a far broader world view… and a craze for travelling that never went away. And those experiences also laid the foundation for my later work with JoHo.

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