Laura van de Voort - Academy for Leisure - 2003

Project & sustainability manager (freelance) with Extrema

What does that entail?

As a project manager, I am operationally responsible for all events organised by Extrema, such as Extrema Outdoor and Solar Weekend Festival. To this end, I think up – together with the director and the team – the project plan, and direct the event managers. In addition, I am responsible for organising the events in an as sustainable as possible way, for which purpose I write policy and ensure – together with the team – that this policy is effectively implemented.       

What keeps you alert in this job?The dynamics of the event industry and working with passion ensure that the work never gets boring. Every year, every edition is different and that keeps it exciting. 
Advice to students:Discover your talent, really look for what you are good at, and make sure you get even better at that. And, above all, work with passion!
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