Marcel Broumels - Facility Management (2008) & Master in Imagineering (2009)

Innovation Acceleration Manager with Essent

What does that entail?I am Innovation Acceleration Manager within the innovation team of Essent. This means that I am jointly responsible for accelerating the innovation process internally and for helping the innovation team bring innovations onto the market more quickly.          
What keeps you alert in this job?By actually ‘being in the market’ as often as possible and seeing what happens there in various areas (in the corporate environment, start-up enrivonment and, for instance, research and education), I keep pushing myself to look for the best possibilities to accelerate innovation and connect people.
Advice to students:Choose a course of study which you like, first and foremost, and don’t worry too much about what you want to do in the future, if you don’t know yet. Apart from the fact that organisations change rapidly and their expectations of future employees and types of jobs also keep shifting, you will gradually come to notice more and more things that pique your interest. By doing what you like, you will at least develop competencies which you will always enjoy applying.
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