Marit Mulders - Profession-Oriented Tourism and Recreation - 2011

Parkmanager with Landal Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin

What does that mean precisely?

In July 2016, Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin opened its doors to the first guests of 60 beach villas. Soon, in September 2016, the resort saw an expansion to 120 beach villas. The resort as a whole is due for completion at the end of 2017 – by that time it will boast 258 beach villas and a wide range of guest facilities including a swimming pool, restaurant, supermarket, bicycle rental, an indoor playground, and so on. These facilities are open to guests, but also to local residents.

Starting a new resort that has already seen such rapid growth, calls for a great deal of flexibility and adaptability, which is a real challenge. You deal with several parties: buyers, tenants, construction company, subcontractors, property developer, and so on. Putting the guests’ interests first and avoiding that the hassle of delays, guarantee reports, and new construction phases take precedence over these interests, places high demands on the team that is committed to giving its guests an enjoyable stay.

I am responsible for the management of the holiday park. Moreover, I am the point of contact for the bungalow owners at the park, and I am responsible for  the management of the holiday park and its facilities. Handling finances, responsibility, coaching and development of the team members, sales and marketing, but most of my work involves the actual operational part. This operational part extends to the departments of reception, technical support, Fun & Entertainment, and cooperation and contacts with the outsourced restaurant and cleaning departments. Just think of optimising cost structures, operating within legal regulatory guidelines, handling complaints, guest satisfaction, quality checks, investments, development of the park, and so on.

What keeps you alert in this job?The everyday changing needs of the business itself, the guests and our partners. It is a challenge to keep trying to offer your guests different experiences all the time by making sure your business evolves along with their needs.
Advice to students?Do the things that you derive satisfaction from and do so with a healthy dose of passion.  

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