Michiel Brankaert - International Media and Entertainment Management - 2013

Platforms Industry Manager with Google

What does that entail?I work with large clients and advertising agencies on digitising their marketing efforts. This entails quite a lot from programmatic buying to near change management type of efforts. I work cross-Nordics, which is great because I really get to meet some amazing people and work on some really cool projects.               
What keeps you alert in this job?My work is in a very fast moving environment, in which you have to get used to being comfortably uncomfortable, which pushes me to my limit. I currently work with technology and marketing/advertising, which is a fascinating market to be in right now. What keeps me alert is the need to be constantly on top of the game. You need to own your business and take responsibility / ownership – all this to move things forward.
Advice to students:Get used to being on your toes, get used to being uncertain and tackle every challenge head on. Don´t settle for less, aim high and think like an entrepreneur. I would also really like to point out the need for taking ownership. If you are not happy with your current situation, you should try to change things for the better. It is sometimes that simple.
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