Peter Bol - Transport Economics - 1981

Integrated Business Planning Director with Slimstock

What does that entail?Integrated Business Planning Director with Slimstock. Slimstock is a supplier of planning software.  Sales planning, inventory planning, and therefore also purchasing & manufacturing planning. In this company I am involved with commercial relations with large companies in the manufacturing industry. In addition, I am responsible for helping companies address issues in the area of Sales & Operations Planning and/or Integrated Business Planning.            
What keeps you alert in this job?The client, mainly! Slimstock listens to its clientele very carefully. That is why the company is proud of its 93% retention rate. It is the clients that keep me alert. Listening to their needs, carrying out market studies, and organising seminars and focus days together with others.
Advice to students:The most important thing is doing what you like. Employed or self-employed; you will only be successful if you are happy with what you are doing. So, listen, learn and ask as much as you can and find something that is close to your heart.
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