Randy Wirht - Facility Management - 2006

Site Facility Manager & Europe Sustainability CoE Manager at our Procter & Gamble Account with JLL (former Jones Lang LaSalle)

What does that mean precisely?In my facility manager position I am responsible for the facilities support of the P&G Campus in Schwalbach, Germany, where about 2,000 people work. This means providing the services of Cleaning, Technical Building Management, HS&E, Project Management, Catering and Restaurant Service, Finances, Fleet Management, Security, Procurement, Waste Processing, Hazardous Substances, Relocations, Event Management, Meeting Facilities/Equipment, and so on. In addition, as sustainability manager I am responsible for all initiatives and projects in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship in Europe. My team consists of more than 30 employees and more than 150 subcontractors.          
What keeps you alert in this job?Not a single day is the same, every day has its particular challenges. On Monday I might be working on a security concept for the campus, and on Tuesday I might be developing a strategic plan for investments over the coming years. Then, Wednesday may revolve around safety and safe working, and Thursday may be dedicated to ‘soft services’ (cleaning, mail room, pest control, etc.) and making a price concept for catering, restaurant and coffee services. Finally, Friday may be reserved for innovations, accounting, finances, personnel management, strategic portfolio management, technical management, and Customer Service, and so on. And the week after that, I might be working on entirely different projects. My work is very diverse and it will never be boring. There is always a chance of things going ‘wrong’, such as a fire alarm going off; this is where my team has an important function too.
Advice to students:

I could say, of course; pay attention in school, do your best, and try to learn as much as possible. This is all true, but I myself was never a very good example of the perfect student. My advice would be: always be yourself, be positive in everything, enjoy everything you do, and try to reap your own benefits. You will not start out in your dream job, and that’s okay. Once you have secured your dream job, there will be other, even higher goals.


My student years have shaped me into who I am today; I have an extensive network partly because of that and I am very good at working (together) with people. I always stayed myself; cheerful, inquisitive, very social, strong communication skills, and with a healthy dose of self-confidence!

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