Ronald Ligtenberg - Academy for Leisure - 1997

Director of Skyway Foundation

What does that entail?I am director of Skyway Foundation, a foundation in which I organise sense-stimulating music events for the deaf and the hearing all over the world. This means that I manage teams all over the world which are involved with the training programmes, the events, the concept development activities, the sense-stimulating experiences, and keep an eye on the business economics aspects of the organisation.    
What keeps you alert in this job?My ambition to keep innovating, both myself and the people around me, as well as the products and services that we offer. As a result, there is never a dull moment.
Advice to students:Don’t forget that you can create a firm foundation for your career as early as during your studies. The choice of your work placement, the assignments you work on, the people you talk to at events – all these elements can get you off to a flying start after your graduation. 
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