Saskia van Driel - International Media and Entertainment Management - 2013

Producer with Human Factor Television Productions

What does that entail? As a producer I am a linchpin for projects. I maintain contact with both editors, creative people and technical crew. I take care that all requirements as regards content can be met and everybody knows what to do. I deal with all technical matters and content. In doing so, I keep a close watch on schedules and budgets.       
What keeps you alert in this job?Each programme and episode is different. On top of that, the media are developing very rapidly. For example, Zondag met Lubach is not just about making a television programme; we also think about how to create a large online reach. Because I am involved in so many different disciplines, I have a flexible mind. Nothing is the same and that keeps me alert.
Advice to students:Make sure you will find a good work placement during your studies, and try to find a side job in a related subject area to your studies. As a result, you will gain experience and build a network, and this is how you will be commissioned the nicest projects in this world. What’s more, it is not always important to start working for a large company straight away. You are usually given more responsibility and you can do far more different duties at small companies.  
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