Tim Beckmann - Logistics and Transport Studies - 1995

Director Contract Logistics with Kuehne + Nagel Nederland

What does that mean precisely?Apart from the divisions of sea, air and land freight, Kuehne + Nagel (KN) also has a contract logistics division. In this division - comprising some 2,500 employees - we provide logistics services to major clients in the FMCG, Technology and Returns market in some 20 locations in the Netherlands, including Unilever, Mars, PepsiCo, Albert Heijn, Cisco, HP and many others.
What keeps you alert in this job?

Kuehne + Nagel believes in entrepreneurship and gives its management leeway and responsibility in this area. As a result, you are responsible for the company’s success. You get to decide on the concrete details of vision, (market) focus and strategy, while having access to the resources and facilities of an impressive international organisation. To me, this entails the following: 

I believe that you have to earn your customers. Only if they are successful, we will be too. This requires a profound and permanent understanding of the objectives and challenges of our customers. Where do they want to be in five years from now and how can we help them get there? Market knowledge and innovation are key words in this respect. We live in an amazingly interesting time, in which the economy is reinventing itself. Due to technological developments and new business models, even the largest organisations can find themselves in trouble, whereas innovative newcomers can change the landscape in a short period of time. I find this incredibly interesting and I am noticing the value of this on a daily basis. The relationship with our customers is often based on contracts of approximately three years. In this period, you will have to make the difference and demonstrate your added value. Good performance alone no longer suffices. Putting logistics to work as ‘brand differentiator’, that’s what it’s about.

Advice to students:You are responsible for your success. Enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity and self-starter capabilities are, in my opinion, the most important qualities needed to be successful. With these qualities, coupled with a passion for logistics, you will be welcome at Kuehne + Nagel any time!
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