Tim Smits - Hotel Management - 2011

Manager Revenue Management Systems Strategy and Support with Starwood Hotels & Resorts - Singapore

What does that entail?Within Starwood I am responsible for the strategic and technical support of the Starwood Revenue Management System for all 1250+ hotels across the globe. I do this together with a team of 6 other experts around the world. As I am stationed in Singapore, my focus is primarily directed at the 250+ hotels in the Asia Pacific Division.
What keeps you alert in this job?No single day is the same. Within Starwood we are diligently focused on dealing with change as adeptly as possible. In this respect, a flexible mind-set is obviously important, but additionally, it means that there is less hierarchy, which facilitates swift approval processes within Starwood. Personally, I stay alert by – in addition to carrying out my everyday activities – closely looking at the work that my colleagues and team do.  This is a good way to keep in touch with your environment, avoiding isolation and allowing quick responding to changes.
Advice to students: A study programme largely determines the content of the rest of your life. That is why my advice would be to choose a study programme that matches your personality and passion. For me, this was the hotel industry. Make sure to look for and acquire both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills during your study development possibilities. For instance, in Revenue Management it is important to be good at Excel, but you also need knowledge to demonstrate effective leadership and communicate efficiently. You will obviously accumulate these skills through experience, but it is a good thing to explore matters like this, and perhaps attend extra training that may be useful in the future.
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