Wim van de Kerkhof - Traffic Academy Tilburg - 1987

Head of the Department of Area Advice with Grontmij Consulting and Engineering

What does that entail?My job as a manager in the spatial planning sector involves operating on the interface of market creation, organisational development, and people management. The sector focuses on area advice and development and offers advice in the area of adapting cities, water safety, energy transition, development and redevelopment of public space, financial engineering, environmental management, area transformation, planning procedures and contract types. All this involves the joint efforts of some 150 professionals situated in 6 offices: Groningen, Alkmaar, Houten, Rotterdam, Arnhem en Eindhoven.
What keeps you alert in this job? Market developments (political, spatial and economic developments in the Netherlands) and the meaning of the fields within the spatial planning sector, the Grontmij organisation and employees, and the commercial translation into consultancy services.
Advice to students:Choose a study programme which you are passionate about and keep investing in yourself (knowledge and skills) and your environment (cooperation and business relations).
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