Conditions and fees

In the Career Plaza section of our website you can find an extensive list of current job vacancies, updated on a weekly basis, in the tourism and leisure sector, as well as in the hospitality branch, the media and entertainment industry and in the field of facility management. If you post your job vacancies on our website, you will reach the majority of our graduates. You can submit your job vacancy by filling in the vacancy We will then arrange for your job vacancy to be published as soon as possible.


  • The job to be filled is one at mbo (secondary vocational education) / hbo (higher professional education) / university level in the fields of Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality, Facility, Logistics, Traffic, Built Environment, Games or Media.
  • Job vacancies will be removed from our website after 4 weeks automatically, unless another closing date is indicated on the vacancy form.
  • If your vacancy is filled before the closing date, please notify us via
  • We preserve the right to refuse job vacancies or companies.
  • We do NOT publish work placements.

No fees are attached to posting job vacancies.