GPA Tabel

The GPA is determined by taking the weighted average of the result obtained within the curriculum of the propaedeutic phase and/or the main phase. The GPA is expressed on a scale from 1 through 4, to two decimal places accurately.

For details of how the system relates to international grades (ECTS grades) and to the GPA, see the table below.

Complete conversion table Marks --> GPA



NHTV grades performances using a 1-to-10 system, where 10 is the highest possible mark. A student needs at least 5.5 to pass the post-propaedeutic exam. The student's Grade Point Average (GPA) will be included in the list of marks to represent the student's performance compared to international standards.

MarkECTS gradeGPA%*Definition
8,5 -10


3,75 - 4,0010%


Outstanding performance

7,5 - 8,49B3,25 - 3,7525%

Very good

Above the average standard but with some errors

6,5 - 7,49

C2,25 - 3,2530%


Generally sound work with a number of notable errors

6,0 - 6,49D1,63 - 2,2425%


Fair but with significant shortcomings

5,5 - 5,99E1,00 - 1,6110%


Performance meets the minimum criteria

5,0 - 5,49FX




Some work required before the credit can be awarded

< 5,0F0-


Considerable further work is required