Integral Alumni Network

The INTEGRAL ALUMNI NETWORK is established to reconnect with the people who once travelled with us during the last 18 years. We would like to stay in touch with YOU and focus on the expansion of international development opportunities.

By building a broad international network, connecting students, graduates and businesses in Bulgaria and Europe, we would like to contribute to the creation of new interactive products and the development of young people in Bulgaria.

So reconnect with us! Tell us - Where you are? - What changes did you face? – How did you overcome them and what made you stronger? - Let us know what helped you on your way!


  • Reconnect with us, be interactive, and share your opinion
  • Get and stay connected with Bulgarians who completed their education abroad, share your experiences.
  • Follow our 'news and events' for interesting seminars, Integral news feeds and special events
  • Networking possibilities; with international alumni, universities, business clubs and the business community
  • Interesting activities and active participation possibilities
  • Job announcements and international intermediation