Graduated at NHTV? Stay in touch!

NHTV greatly values a good relationship with its alumni. Although you obtained your degree, we would like you to feel that your time at NHTV is not over yet!

We would gladly keep in touch with our graduates. On the one hand because we are very much interested in what our graduates are doing these days. On the other hand because you - more than anyone else - are capable of making a contribution to the quality of education at NHTV, for instance by offering placement positions, graduation projects and other practical assignments. Moreover, we offer you the opportunity to maintain contact with other graduates.

In view of the ever greater diversity of NHTV programmes, the alumni part of the website now also features a submenu per programme in addition to the main menu. This is where you can find up-to-date information on your programme, new graduates and topics of their theses, as well as photos of the degree ceremonies.

We hope that you, as a graduate, will visit our site frequently. Please keep us informed of your career successes! We are also curious about any ideas and suggestions you might have.

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