Challenges ahead at NHTV!

NHTV offers both academic and professional bachelor’s programmes in three years for students who passed their A levels. You can also opt for NHTV's premaster's programme in Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM), which links up to a number of Master of Science programmes at different universities 

Overview of European A level educations.

Academic bachelor's and academic master's degree in 4 or 5 years' time

  • Academic bachelor's - and master's programmes in Tourism and Leisure
  • research-based curriculum in cooperation with Wageningen University (Tourism) and Tilburg University (Leisure)
  • Guaranteed access to an academic master in leisure or tourism directly after
  • In 4 years’ time (Leisure) or in 5 years’ time (Tourism) your academic bachelor’s and master’s degree   


Professional bachelor's and professional or academic master's degree in 4 years' time

  • Professional bachelor's programmes in Games & Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics, Built Environment, Tourism & Leisure.
  • practice-based intensive fast-track
  • Possibility to move on to a 1-year professional master directly after
  • In 4 years’ time your professional bachelor’s and master’s degree 
  •  NHTV's premaster SBM links to a Master of Science programme at traditional universities.


The regular track

When you prefer to do the bachelor's programme in 4-years' time, just follow the regular track.

  • Proffessional Bachelor's programmes in Games & Media, Hotel, Facility, Built Environment, Tourism & Leisure
  • A practice-based extensive curriculum
  • Possibility to move on to a 1-year professional master directly after 
  • In 5 year's time your professional bachelor's and master's degree

Overview professional bachelors

NHTV premaster SBM

All NHTV students are offered the opportunity of studying the pre-master's programme SBM. This degree enables you to continue with a Master of Science programme in business-related studies (marketing, management) at several universities and earn a Master of Science (MSc) degree in one year's time.

Honours tracks

No matter which track you follow, the 3-year track or the regular track, with honours tracks you can develop your talents even further. In these honours tracks, you attend courses, training sessions and projects alongside the regular bachelor’s programme.