Application manual

You are going to apply for a bachelor’s degree programme at NHTV. NHTV has several application procedures in place, but they all have one thing in common: application for a degree programme starts with registration and submitting a ‘New enrolment application’ to Studielink, the online enrolment tool for universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Your enrolment will be definitive once you have completed the entire procedure and once you have paid the tuition fee. Please note that you should arrange your enrolment application before the deadline that applies to the degree programme of your choice (15 January or 1 May). 

The different procedures   

An extensive description of the procedure and the subsequent steps can be found on the ‘Application (and selection)’ page of the degree programme of your choice. 

1. Admission based on admission requirements

Admission is based on admission requirements. Applicants who comply with the admission requirements will be admitted. Students have the right to or are obliged to take part in the Study Choice Check (Studiekeuzecheck).

Deadline for application: 1 May. The Study Choice Check is compulsory for all applicants who apply after 1 May, and the study recommendation resulting from this check will be binding on these applicants. 

2. Admission based on enrolment restriction

Admission is based on admission requirements and enrolment restriction. Every year, a fixed maximum number of students are admitted to the degree programme based on selection.  

Deadline for application: 15 January. After 15 January, applying will no longer be possible. 

3. Admission based on selection

Admission is based on admission requirements and selection. Applicants are selected based on a set of additional admission requirements determined by the academy.  

Deadline for application (Studielink AND selection): 1 May. After 1 May, applying will no longer be possible.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee amounts 

The statutory tuition fee for the academic year of 2018-2019 is € 2.060,- (for the degree programme of Creative Business, the statutory tuition fee is € 2.566,-). Most students are required to pay the statutory tuition fee. If you are an exception, you will be required to pay the institutional fee of € 9.693,-. Please check this overview to see which tuition fee amount applies to you.  

More information about tuition fee payment and an overview of tuition fee amounts 

Study grant

If you qualify for a study grant, you will need to apply for this study grant at DUO Studiefinanciering. To apply for a study grant (called ‘studiefinanciering’ in Dutch), you will need the official name of your degree programme.
Please note: due to a computer system replacement, ‘DUO Studiefinanciering’ will be unavailable for applying, editing or consulting of study grants from 29 March to 30 April inclusive. 

Keep track of your enrolment process 

Make sure to keep track of the status of your enrolment application, and stay up to speed on what steps you need to take next (and when to do so!). You can do so via:  

  • The ‘MyNHTV Applicant’ app: This personalised app gives you information on the progress of your application. The app will also notify you about what steps to be taken next in order to successfully complete the application procedure. Download the ‘My NHTV Applicant’ app in the Playstore or in the iTunes Appstore.
  • E-mail: Studielink and NHTV will keep you informed on the progress of your application via e-mail.  
  • Studielink: sections to be checked regularly are ‘My applications’, ‘My messages’ and ‘My personal details’. This is also where you can view the status of your personal verification and the verification of your previous education.  


For any of your questions about the application procedure, please contact:

Student Office
T: +31 76 533 23 33