Payment information

Tuition fee

Tuition fee amounts 

The statutory tuition fee for the academic year of 2018-2019 is € 2.060,- (for the degree programme of Creative Business, the statutory tuition fee is € 2.566,-). Most students are required to pay the statutory tuition fee. If you are an exception, you will be required to pay the institutional fee of € 9.693,-. Please check this overview to see which tuition fee amount applies to you.  

Government intention to cut first-year tuition fees by half

At the moment, efforts are being put into the effectuation of the government’s intention to cut the tuition fees for new first-year students (in the first year only) by half. More information about this intention and progress on its effectuation can be found on the website of the Dutch national government (in Dutch). 

Tuition fee payment  

You will pay your tuition fee by means of a digital direct debit authorisation to NHTV. You will receive an e-mail for this purpose, with the request of confirming the direct debit authorisation via your ‘To do’ list in Studielink. Please make sure you arrange this before 1 August. You will receive a message once your direct debit authorisation has been confirmed. 

Are you going to pay via a bank account outside the SEPA area?*
If you don’t have a bank account within the SEPA area, you will have to pay the appropriate tuition fee to NHTV yourself, before 1 August. You will find the bank account details in Studielink after you have filled in your payment details in Studielink.  

More information about tuition fee payment and an overview of tuition fee amounts 

Methods of payment

The tuition fee for your study programme at a University of Applied Sciences has to be paid to this institution directly.

As of May, you can indicate via Studielink how you want to pay your tuition fee. This depends on whether you have a bank account within or outside SEPA area (see below):

  1. Yourself, via a bank account within SEPA area
  2. Yourself, via a bank account outside SEPA area
  3. Someone else, via a bank account within SEPA area
  4. Someone else, via a bank account outside SEPA area

In addition, if you pay via a bank account within SEPA area, you can indicate whether you want to:

  • Pay the entire tuition fees at once;
  • Pay the tuition fees in 12 monthly instalments

If you choose to pay in twelve instalments, you will pay an extra once-only collection fee of €24. The instalments will be collected around the 25th of each month (from September up to and including August). Make sure that the balance in your account is sufficient. If this is not the case, the bank will reverse the transaction, which means that the tuition fee is not paid. Read the Regulations regarding Overdue Payments carefully. Do not transfer any instalments to our bank account, unless NHTV has explicitly asked you to do so!

Tuition fee payment by your employer

Does your employer pay your tuition fee? Then you pay the tuition fee yourself and reclaim it from your employer. When the Student Enrolment Administration has received and processed your authorisation / payment, you can ask for a proof of payment via the Servicedesk Online of NHTV.

Additional study costs

When you start on a study programme, there are more costs to be taken into account than the tuition fee alone. These costs differ with each study programme. For more information, go to the pages of the study programme of your choice. Registration for and payment of student activities can be arranged via the central online registration portal NHTV More.