Sander started his own company

You started your own company. What does it entail?

I’ve recently started Wave Concepts BV, a company involved in the development and exploitation of cross-media concepts. The company focuses particularly on video, web content and mobile devices. I am the owner of this company.

How would you characterise, in one sentence, the study International Media and Entertainment Management

Useful, broad-based, and with a keen eye for what’s happening in the current media landscape, and progressive as a result. 

Did the study programme you completed at NHTV turn out to be a good choice?

Yes, although you always have to make something of your studies yourself, this programme being no exception. You have all the freedom to find out what your interests and talents really are.There were some students who failed to understand that you have to make your own chances.

Does the study programme link up with the work you are doing now?

What I find far more important, is that the study programme links up with who you are or want to be. In other words, that it is close to yourself. After all, in your future career, you will have to connect with your work in the same way. I have chosen to set up my own business, so that I can do what I enjoy doing. I don’t just want to work for the money, but also for the fun and the kick of it. It is the same motivation that led me to opt for the International Media and Entertainment study programme.

What would you advice future students, with regard to deciding on a course of study?

As it was adequately put in the film the Matrix; “the problem is choice”. The more choice you have, the more difficult it is to make a choice. My advice would therefore be to make the choice easier. Simply stick with what you enjoy the most NOW, because then you will stay close to yourself, which will make you the happiest. Chances are that the study programme you choose in this way, will be consistent with the work you will be doing in the future. After all, your job has to be consistent with what you enjoy, with what is closest to you as a person.

Sander Olislagers
Graduate Creative Business / International Media and Entertainment Management

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