Stories and experiences

Ciara chose the Visual Art specialisation

Have you ever seen a game or game trailer and thought “wow, that’s incredible!”, or “this looks so cool!”? Well making that will be my job in the future…

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‘This is the best decision I could ever have made’

'So far my experience has been amazing.'

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Raya about her Finnish exchange experience: 

” You will find yourself developing a broader view on the industry which gives you an advantage and something that makes you stand out.”

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'People are always willing to help you out'

'The atmosphere at NHTV is nice, friendly and welcoming. People are always willing to help you out. So it’s as good as it gets.'

Why does Jan think so?    

Stefan chose the Design and Production study path

Studying here is awesome. Many like-minded people, great and experienced lecturers who put a lot of effort and passion in their job and incredibly interesting classes’.

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Lauren chose the Visual Art study path

’ I like that we’re motivated to push our limits and learn something new with every class’

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Mahdi came all the way from Iran to study at NHTV

‘Studying game is like working a full-time job'

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Nathalie and the Design and Production study path

'If I have to be absolutely honest, there hasn’t been a single class that I disliked'.

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'I found the passion at NHTV so infectious that I wanted to be a part of it'

'When I came over for the international open day, I found that everyone was so incredibly passionate about what they were doing, both students and teachers.'

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Roel is now working as a visual effects generalist

'The Games programme gave me a good understanding of what can be expected of working in the game and visual effects industry.'

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Onno works as a game designer in China

'I'm a concept developer and game designer at Dr. Panda in Chengdu, China. Studying at NHTV helped me prepare for this industry.'

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Tino is an independent game developer

“If making games is your passion, then work does not feel like work anymore”.

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