3-Year track

If you already have a vwo diploma, a ‘Hochschulreifezeugnis’ (Abitur) or a comparable pre-education, Creative Media and Game Technologies may be able to offer you the opportunity of completing the programme in just three years.

All other international applications will be considered on a case by case basis  to ensure the standard of the diploma will be appropriate for the fast track.
List of appropriate educations

Three-year track: how does it work?

The selection procedure for the fast track is the same as that for the regular programme.

  • In the first year, you will be required to complete your propaedeutic phase (60 ECTS) of the variant for which you have been selected (Visual Art / Programming or Design and Production).
  • The second year follows the same structure as a regular course.
  • In the third year, a number of options are open to you. These include placements, individual projects, or taking part in group projects together with fellow students.


Should you be interested in the fast track and if you have questions that are related to the content and set-up of the study programme, please contact Frank Weissman.