Exchange programmes

Through a 4- to 5-month exchange with one of our many global partner universities, you can have an international experience while maintaining your academic achievement level. Moreover, exchange students remain registered as students of NHTV and will pay the normal tuition fee towards NHTV. We encourage you to go abroad since this will enhance your employability internationally after graduation. Other advantages are increasing your international network, learning other languages and increasing your understanding of cross-cultural differences (and, of course, also similarities). We can guarantee that your perspectives will shift to a global view! 

Floris went to University of Portsmouth

“Going on an exchange to the University of Portsmouth was a valuable experience of living and studying in the United Kingdom. Coming from NHTV, the courses at the University of Portsmouth are not very difficult, but the lecturers motivated and let me set my own challenges. This allowed me to do work that fell in line with my skills and experience, greatly enhancing them. I advise anyone that would like to pursue a career in the UK to start with an Erasmus Exchange, because it allows to integrate in the culture and make great contacts!" 

Floris Hagen
Student Creative Media and Game Technologies / International Game Architecture and Design

Raya about her Finnish exchange experience: 

” You will find yourself developing a broader view on the industry which gives you an advantage and something that makes you stand out.”

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NHTV has built partnerships with a large number of universities all over the world who will be happy to accommodate your exchange.