Stefan chose the Design & Production study path

Why did you choose the study path you are doing right now?

I wanted to study Design and Production, because I worked in a creative industry and realised how important good leaders for a good creative environment are. I wanted to learn how to lead a team and how to make sure that everyone is fine.

Why did you choose to study at NHTV?

I found NHTV by accident during my research for a game-related course of study. After passing the first assessment, I had the interview with lecturer Mata Haggis. The interview was great. Mata was very respectful, interested and he gave great feedback, which was the complete opposite of another interview I had had at a different university. I knew that if they chose me, I would definitely go to NHTV.

If you had to explain what you are studying right now to someone who is in secondary school, what would you say?

I would say that I study the conception and analysis of video games as well as team management and market research. In short: I learn how to create games, how they work and how to lead and structure a team to make a great game.

What do you like or dislike about your studies and NHTV?

Studying here is awesome. Many like-minded people, great and experienced lecturers who put a lot of effort and passion in their job and incredibly interesting classes. Furthermore, if you have a good idea, you get all support that your lecturers can give.

How would you describe the atmosphere at NHTV?

It is really great. Everyone is pretty busy, so there is a lot of movement in the buildings. Many international students are at NHTV and everyone tries to help if you have a question. I’ve never felt alone with a problem, because students, lecturers or study coaches and counsellors will help you solve it. The interaction between students and lecturers is great. You have the feeling that your opinion matters and they are interesting persons with an impressive professional background.

Stefan Leschke
Design & Production

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