Student housing services

Breda has a growing number of students, which is why living accommodation in Breda can be scarce. For students it can be difficult to find a suitable place to live. Unfortunately, NHTV Breda has no campus or student rooms of its own and, therefore, NHTV relies on housing corporations in Breda.

NHTV has arranged 30 furnished rooms with housing corporations Singelveste Alleewonen and WonenBreburg for international students in the academic year 2017-2018. These rooms are furnished and have fixed contract dates. These contract dates cannot be changed and the contract will end after the period of your stay at NHTV, which is one semester or one year. Extension will not be possible. Rental prices for a student room in Breda vary from €380 to €500 per calender month. However, you will most commonly find rooms to rent for around € 400.

Once you have been accepted for a study programme at NHTV, you will be provided with personal login details (around July for the autumn programme or around December for the spring programme) for the website of Student Rooms Breda,, where you can find and select a room.

Please remember that there are 30 rooms available and that there are more students than rooms. Make sure to use this offer in time before all rooms are occupied.


Check out the FAQ on the website of Student Rooms Breda:

Please note that you are always free to search for a room yourself via other channels, options that might help you can be found in this pdf.