Study Programme

This programme focuses on competency-based learning. This means you will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude required in your future career. Collaboration, communication and organisational skills are key ingredients, which is why you will often work on real-life projects together with fellow students. More specifically, one of the projects will teach you how to organise a production plant as well as everything related to delivering goods to customers.

Would you like to know more about the industry?

Our website Shaping Society tells you all about it! From working on spatial developments to innovating cities for the purpose of keeping them accessible. And from designing livable places to tackling logistical challenges. In short: everything that’s important to our students, alumni and lecturers! 

Study lay out

In the first and second year, you complete projects, courses, training courses and coaching sessions. In the third year you carry out two work placements, both for three months at for example a transport or production company. In the second part of that year you deepen your theoretical knowledge. In the fourth year you take a number of specialist classes and work on your graduation assignment for an international company in the Netherlands or abroad, where the business language is English.

Fast tracks

The regular track of this programme takes four years, but a fast track is available for Dutch students with a vwo diploma or relevant mbo diploma (level 4). German students might be considered for the fast track if they have Hochschulereifezeugnis. Do you already have a (propaedeutic) certificate from another higher education institution or university in the Netherlands? If so, you may be allowed to follow the fast track programme. For more information, please contact the student counsellors of this programme:, +31 76 533 26 44 or +31 76 533 26 39.