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Tourism is a major and growing business worldwide

Growth in international tourism is so enormous that tourism itself has evolved into an engine of the world’s economy. Tourism as a worldwide phenomenon is closely connected and intertwined with major global changes in culture, politics, technology, economics and the environment. Somewhere in this growing field there will be a job for you. You can start to work, for instance, as an advisor, policy officer, manager, marketeer, purchaser or travel guide.

Career opportunities

Graduates of International Tourism Management and Consultancy

After graduation, students can find interesting positions at:

  • National and regional tourism boards
  • Existing and new business ventures
  • Management and business development advisory firms
  • Government organisations and departments
  • National and regional parks
  • Research firms (including marketing research firms)
  • International policy-making bodies
  • Airlines and airports

Some career examples:

  • Project Manager, NGO (Tourism & Regional Development), Nepal
  • Research Coordinator, Sydney Harbour Foreshore, Australia
  • Consultant, Euroleisure, Gouda, the Netherlands
  • Owner/Publisher Tourism-info Weekly, St. Petersburg
  • Director/Owner of a centre for sustainable tourism in Peru
  • Sales Executive at Singapore Airlines
  • Project Manager at Incentives Barcelona

Graduates of International Tourism and Travel Industry

After graduation, students can find interesting positions at

  • Tour operators
  • Cruise lines
  • Airline companies
  • Business travel agencies
  • International hotel chains
  • Airports

Some career examples:

  • Purchase Manager at Thomas Cook
  • Product Manager at TUI
  • Account Development Manager with Air Plus
  • Entrepreneur (start your own business)
  • Brand Manager at Easy Group
  • Business Travel Consultant

Labour market prospects

In the ‘Keuzegids HBO 2015' (information in Dutch) you can find an indication of the labour market prospects for recent graduates (average starter salaries and unemployment rates among recent graduates in the Netherlands). Graduates of the International Tourism Management programme earn a starter salary of approximately € 1,725 a month before tax. Approximately 41% of the graduates have found a job at bachelor's level.