Application international students

Make sure you register in time, preferably before 1 May and at the latest by 1 September. If you apply after 1 May NHTV will decide whether or not you are admitted to the degree programme.

In case you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet, you can already apply by submitting your current grade list.

Application steps

For students with a diploma from a Non-Dutch educational institution (educational institutions from the Netherlands Antilles included) the application consists of four steps:

  • Step 1: Enrol via Studielink
  • Step 2: Apply via the NHTV Online application portal
  • Step 3: Study choice activities
  • Step 4: Complete your registration; payment of tuition fee

Step 1: Enrol via Studielink

You are to apply through Studielink, the application and enrolment portal provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Education.

  • Go to Studielink
  • Login to your account or create an account if you do not have one yet
  • Click 'Add previous education' and add the previous education that provides admission to the study programme of choice
  • Click on 'Add new enrolment' or 'Enrolment application'
  • Select your preferred programme and confirm your choice
  • Enter the starting month in which you would like to start your programme (1 September) and confirm
  • Answer the study programme-specific questions
  • Tick the confirmation box and confirm your application

You can track the status of your application on your personal Studielink page and your personalised progress can been seen in the My NHTV Applicant App. Download the app in the Playstore or in the iTunes Appstore. If any input from your side is required, you will be informed via email.

Step 2: Apply via the NHTV Online application portal

Once you have submitted your Studielink enrolment, you will receive an email inviting you to follow up on your Studielink enrolment by applying in the Online application portal.

In the Online application portal you will be requested to answer additional questions and to upload your application documents; CV, Motivation letter, ID, your secondary school diploma including list of grades and translation (if these documents are not in one of the following languages: English, French, German or Dutch) or your most recent list of grades if you have not obtained your diploma yet. 

Step 3: Study choice activities

1. Online Matching assessment (mandatory)

You will receive an invitation via e-mail to do the online NHTV matching assessment. This will take about 60 minutes. After you have completed and sent in the assessment, you will receive a report on the outcome. This report will also be sent to NHTV. The following subjects will be covered:

  • Personal background
  • Competencies
  • English proficiency
  • Study-related characteristics, e.g. self-discipline and accuracy

2. Entry test (financial) calculation (mandatory)

(Financial) Calculation is an essential part of the study programme and it may be difficult for you. By doing the entry test, you will discover whether or not your arithmetic level matches the required entry level of the first year. If this is not the case, you are advised to complete an online brush-up course in (Financial) calculation.

3. Pleased to meet you (optional)

After the matching assessment, you will be invited for a ‘ Pleased to meet you’  session at NHTV. Attending this session is not mandatory. In this session you will discuss the outcome of your assessment with a coach and with 12 to 15 other applicants (whose assessment results will be discussed too). The session will last two and a half hours and it will be about the expectations you have of the study programme as well as the career perspectives it offers. Prior to the session you will receive a homework assignment which you are to take with you to this session.

Admission email

If you (conditionally) meet the educational requirements and you have participated in the above mentioned study choice activities, you will receive an admission email.

In case of conditional admission, you will be requested to upload your diploma documents and/or English test results in a later stage in the Online application portal. These documents will need to be uploaded at once.

You can track the status of your admission in the Online application portal an in the My NHTV Appplicant App. 

Step 4: Complete your registration: payment of tuition fee

The tuition fee is in most cases € 2,060. In order to complete your registration, you need to confirm your digital authorization or pay your tuition fee. More information about payment of tuition fee.

We will keep in touch

During the entire application, selection and registration procedure, NHTV will keep in touch with you through email. Please make sure you read and respond to the instructions in time. And don’t forget to download your “My NHTV Applicant App” to follow your progress and read interesting news for all new NHTV applicants.