The best decision I have made

‘As a student at NHTV, I can certainly say now how great a decision I have made handing in my application here. From the moment I started to study International Tourism Management, my whole life changed. Luckily enough, I had no doubts when choosing a programme. Therefore, I have, since the beginning, always enjoyed the everyday challenges I had to face in school.

Yes indeed, being the only student from Hungary was not always easy, but it had many epic moments to make up for that, too. In this sometimes competitive environment the classmates around you have open attitudes and surprisingly diverse international backgrounds. Studying at NHTV means a lot to me. When it comes to group projects, study trips or the coaching programme, I can only speak in superlatives. Let alone the student organisations and student life in general.

All in all, if I had a second chance to make a study choice I would, again, prefer the same path I have walked on including the chosen institute and my study route as well. I do believe that it was one of the best decisions of my adult life’.

Patrik Pasztor
Student International Tourism Management

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