Dealing with Dutch

Although many Dutch people speak English pretty well, you may want to learn some Dutch as a part of your Study in Holland experience or just for fun.

Get started

Here are a few small phrases to get started straight away:


Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
How are you doing?
I am fine
Where are you from?    
I am from .....


Hoe gaat het met jou?
Het gaat goed
Waar kom je vandaan?
Ik kom uit .....


Take an online Dutch language course:

  • several online courses and free e-book on
  • learn Dutch, watch video with subtitles on 2BDutch

Also have a look at the following websites:


Hoi Holland! is an app that shows you how much fun it can be to learn Dutch. Download the app Hoi Holland and learn all about Dutch language and culture.