Orange Tulip Scholarship

The Orange Tulip Scholarship is a programme designed to support students from Brazil, China, Mexico and Indonesia. Every year a limited number of scholarships is available for students to contribute to the costs of the tuition fee. It consists of a € 3,000,- reduction of the tuition fee in the first year of studying at NHTV and a € 1,500,- reduction of the tuition fee in the consecutive years.

To be eligible for the scholarship it is important to know that the first step consists of starting the admission process at NHTV Breda University. Although it is not necessary to have the actual acceptance letter, candidates are required to hand in proof that they are in the process of being considered for admission. The applicant can apply for the scholarship through the Nuffic Neso offices.

The Nuffic Neso offices are the official representatives of the Dutch higher education institutes and you can find more information via: