Dutch education system

The higher education system in the Netherlands (Holland) is based on a three-tier degree system, consisting of  bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees. The education system is known for its high quality and its international study environment. Universities in the Netherlands enjoy a good reputation worldwide. Studying in the Netherlands fosters an open mind and increase your international orientation. Dutch universities are in the top - 200 of the best universities worldwide. The higher education system at universities in the Netherlands has been reorganised in accordance with a European initiative known as the Bologna Declaration. Remaining faithful to their historical mission, studying in the Netherlands offers outstanding international students an intellectually exciting learning environment with high academic standards.


The introduction of the Bachelor-Master structure (BaMa) made the comparability of international educational programmes much easier.

The BaMa structure is characterised by the credit system of ECTS points. ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System. To successfully complete a bachelor's programme, a student has to obtain 240 ECTS points (= 60 ECTS per year). One ECTS point represents 28 hours of study.
To complete a master's programme, 60 ECTS points have to be obtained.