SBM Programme

General scope

This English-taught track focuses on Management and Marketing Studies, in other words, ‘doing business’ and this is not sector related.

The SBM programme trains students for entrepreneurship in the European market but also in doing scientific research in the sector of their choice: the tourism and leisure industry, the sports and cultural sector, the hotel and facility industries, the media and creative industries, public-sector organisations involved in destination development or traffic, mobility, transports, logistics issues, and so on.

So students are requested to find a company to do the scientific research for within a sector of their own choice and within a country of their own choice. Of course they can use the NHTV network partner list and contact the Placement Office.

Part 1: Courses - 42 ects

  • Research Methods (12 ects)
  • Introduction into Social Sciences (3 ects)
  • Business Administration (9 ects)
  • Advanced Strategic Marketing (12 ects)
  • Research Practica Training (6 ects)

Part 2: Dissertation Research Project - 33 ects

  • fieldwork in a sector of your choice: tourism, telecommunications, media industry, traffic sector, public sector for town planning, leisure, sports, culture, logistics, or hotel industries and in a country of your own choice
  • research practica and individual professional coaching by academic personnel
  • support academic skills

Variety of teaching methods

Acquiring knowledge by means of lectures

The theoretical courses you will follow throughout the track, provide you with ‘just in time’ knowledge, which is necessary to make your research a success. For instance, the subject Business Administration: Management of Organisations and the module Financial Management present input to carry out an internal audit and tools to work on your management skills.

The course Sociological Approaches in Consumer Research and the applications for the marketing- and promotion strategy will turn you into a creative entrepreneur.

The subject Global Strategic Marketing, marketing communications, CRM and E-business offer you tools to secure a strong position in the market for your company and product. For more information on the content of the different subjects and the ECTS to obtain, please contact Mr Laurent Snoeckx - 

Training courses, supervision and coaching sessions

The research project is the core of this international business programme. To reach the Master level, we assure that the level of the research project is sufficiently academically challenging. Of course, you will receive a great deal of support in order to achieve this level: training courses in academic skills (reading and writing, analysis and interpretation of research data), research practice and supervision on the progress of your project and individual tutorials or intensive coaching sessions regarding your end product. 

International classroom

This international programme is taught in English in an international classroom setting. Students of all the Academies are involved. The SBM programme provides also an attractive and supervised fieldwork track in a country of your own choice.

Have a look at this video about how to develop your academical skills: