If you have ever been to Breda, you know that it is a congenial and bustling college city. But where do you go to as a student? What is the place to be in Breda?

Pop and culture

In terms of culture, Breda also has a lot to offer. Breda's most famous pop concert venue, Mezz, features films, pop concerts and live DJs, practically on a daily basis. You can check out the programme at http://www.mezz.nl/.

Chassé Theatre offers an exhaustive and varied programme. The theatre frequently offers last-minute deals to students. Via http://www.chasse.nl you can request a programme, but of course, you can also just drop by. Apart from Chassé theatre and Mezz, Breda boasts countless smaller venues and pubs with life music and performancess.

Make sure to take an Uitloper (entertainment index) every now and then; these can be found in every pub in Breda, or check out the theatre & museum possibilities on the site of the city of Breda


Breda has two mainstream cinemas. Pathé Breda and Kinepolis Breda is where you can watch all the popular films. And then there’s Chassé Cinema which caters for smaller audiences.