Dance tour Breda

This large-scale free dance festival, boasting a variety of famous DJs, is held every year in Breda in the spring. Last year Dance Tour Breda attracted over 25,000 people.

Breda Barst

Breda Barst (Breda Bursts) is an open-air pop festival held in Breda. It attracts more visitors every year, including many students. At this festival, newcoming and relatively well-known Dutch artists or bands perfom.


If the people of Brabant are famous for anything apart from their hospitable and congenial character, it must be carnival. In the month of February the carnival mania breaks loose in "Kielegat" (which is Breda's name during the carnival period).

King's Day

Every year on 27 April we celebrate King's day (in Dutch: Koningsdag). Festivities are organised in every city and village. Breda is no exception! Most activities will take place in the city centre.

Breda Jazz Festival

Breda Jazz Festival is a leading event in its genre and that is why it is known far beyond Breda. Almost 300 national and international jazz musicians travel to Breda every year.

Spanjaardgat concerts

Huge music spectacle on the water in Spanjaardsgat. Every year in May.

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