Challenging and inspiring education

During your studies at NHTV you will develop specialist knowledge, problem-solving skills and a professional attitude. As a result, you will have a distinct head start in the labour market and you will be able to start your first job as a qualified professional – either in the Netherlands or abroad.

What do you want to achieve?

As an NHTV graduate, you are independent and responsible, creative and innovative, and you have an international outlook on your profession and the world. In order to achieve this, entrepreneurship, creativity, personal and professional responsibility, and internationalisation are key focus areas in our study programmes.

How do you study at NHTV?

Effective learning is not something that you do alone. After all, it is precisely through cooperation and debate with other students and lecturers that you learn to develop knowledge actively. That is why NHTV has adopted the teaching model of the learning community. Students and lecturers from different (cultural) backgrounds and areas of expertise work together on real-life problems taken from the international professional field. In this process, you will learn to use different perspectives and develop an open mind to alternative approaches.

What do we expect of you?

The success of a learning community depends on the full participation and support of everyone involved - lecturers, tutors, but especially you as a student. That is why we expect serious commitment from you when it comes to preparing for lectures and projects. Through coaching and feedback we will teach you to take responsibility for your individual learning process and for your role in cooperation with lecturers, fellow students and industry professionals.

We also expect you to gain meaningful experience abroad and to design a personalised plan of study by making your own choices, just think of work placements, optional programmes, and additional activities. Of course, we will be there to help you make these choices.

What can you expect of NHTV?

Our lecturers will create opportunities for independent learning and active cooperation for you. To this end, they use digital resources, ensuring that more time can be devoted to interaction, in-depth exploration, supervision and feedback in class. With the community concept in mind, it is essential for lecturers to participate in national and international networks, encourage cooperation with national and international industry professionals, and contribute to strengthening the link between education, research and industry.

The core of the learning environment is formed by real-life cases and assignments from professional practice aimed at inspiring students towards active and collaborative learning. Entrepreneurship is promoted by offering possibilities for developing specific ‘entrepreneurial skills’ and you can even do a graduation project within your own business. All in all, you are truly encouraged to get the best out of yourself.

Within each study programme, there are possibilities for extra guidance and support, for instance, if you have a disability or learning difficulty.

Knowledge development and innovation

As a student of NHTV, you will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of lecturers who have plenty of practical and research experience. Knowledge is developed on a continuous basis. You will study at an institution that makes a significant contribution to knowledge development and innovation, while staying in tune with the latest developments all the time. As a student, you will also be encouraged to link your own graduation research to NHTV’s applied research themes. Consequently, you will learn how to contribute to the innovation of professional practice.

NHTV boasts various knowledge and research centres. In addition, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has appointed two Centres of Expertise at NHTV - one in the field of Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality and one in the field of Logistics.

Do you want to read more about the educational vision of NHTV? Click here for a summary of the educational vision (pdf).