Overview in-school training companies


Do you need assistance with organising and executing study trips, events and conferences? The students of training company Newways organise these activities from start to finish. They consult with clients, maintain contacts with suppliers, negotiate about prices, design programmes, and handle all communication regarding the event. They will also assist in the actual execution of the event. Please contact Newways via e-mail at Sabine van Steen (steen.s@nhtv.nl) for more information. 

Do you work in the tourism and recreation sector? Due to the daily hustle, you may not get around to carrying out extensive research or analyses to make your business even more customer-centric. Students of the training company Young Tourism Professionals@Work, abbreviated to YTP@Work, can help you with this. Just think of creating, improving or analysing a product, developing an online marketing and communication strategy or social media strategy, or investigating the customer journey. You can contact YTP@Work via telephone number 076 – 5332344 or via e-mail at Maike van Breda (breda.m@nhtv.nl).

Hotel en Facility

Are you looking for a first-class venue for your meeting, event, drinks reception or dinner? And would you like the organisation of your gathering to be taken care of to the last detail? If so, you might want to consider engaging the services of Sibelicious. In this training company, students of the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management in Breda acquire skills by running and managing their own hospitality business. The training company consists of a restaurant with modern kitchen facilities, several meeting rooms, a Coffee Corner, a food and wine theatre, and a Grand Café. Every year, the student team of Sibelicious organises a wide range of events for both internal and external clients.