Placement and graduation - Tourism

Do you need assistance from NHTV students who are studying tourism management? Our students receive broad training, which makes them capable of performing a wide variety of jobs in the tourism industry. They can carry out assignments, for instance, in the fields of marketing and communication, e-commerce, product development, and sales. 

Student availability  

The NHTV students of the Tourism Management programme are available for short-term assignments, their duration ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. These assignments are carried out under the supervision of experienced lecturers. Moreover, students are available for a 20-week work placement in their third year of study, and for an 18-week graduation research project in their fourth year of study. 


Do you have a specific assignment, or would you like to brainstorm on what would best suit your situation? Our professionals would be glad to contribute ideas and help you find the right solution. Please contact us by telephone (+31 76 533 29 00) or send an e-mail to